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Teeth Whitening: Bringing Back Your Pearly Whites with Banana Peel

by Virginia on March 18, 2012, no comments

You are having troubles with whitening your teeth. You are a heavy coffee drinker and smokes packs of cigarettes as well. You know that these can make your teeth look yellowish and unsightly.

You can’t avoid drinking coffee because you believe that they can help you stay awake during long hours of work. You won’t give up on smoking because you want to have cancer!

  • Banana

This fruit is considered to be a wonder in teeth whitening. You love eating banana and aside from loads of vitamins and minerals you can get from it, you can also have a natural remedy for yellowish and stained teeth.

  • How to Use Banana for Teeth Whitening

White teeth give you a glowing and vibrant smile. Your dentist may recommend the use of banana as a natural teeth whitener.

Aside from brushing your teeth after meals, you will appreciate how banana peel can remove the stains on your teeth left by coffee drinking as well as smoking. How do you do this?

  • Banana Peel

banana peelBanana is rich in vitamin C as well as fiber. What you do not know is that it can also whiten your teeth. Use the peel of a ripe banana and scrub its inner portion over your teeth for at least two minutes.

Bananas are rich in the mineral potassium. You know that it is good for the heart. Aside from this health benefit, potassium is a mineral that your teeth need to keep them white.

It also contains manganese and magnesium that are natural teeth whiteners.

  • Banana vs. Commercial Teeth Whiteners

Teeth bleaching agents come in different preparations such as solutions, pastes and gels. However, you can naturally whiten your teeth by using the peel of the banana you have just eaten.

Teeth whiteners may hurt your pocket while using natural remedies for teeth whitening will cost you nothing.

Some whiteners may contain acids. They can effectively whiten your teeth but these compounds may also cause you them to weaken and become brittle.

This explains why using natural remedies such as banana, orange peels, lemon juice and strawberries are way better than using commercially prepared ones.

Foods that Stain Your Teeth

Banana can effectively whiten your teeth. However, if you keep on taking liquids that can stain them you won’t get whiter teeth no matter what whitener or bleach you use.

Avoid drinking colored beverages such as sodas, teas and coffee. They leave your teeth with the yellow stain. Also, avoid eating foods that are dark-colored and quit smoking.

Smoking leaves your teeth with tartar that form plaques. Brush after drinking the said beverages and eating foods that stain your pearly whites.

Using banana peel is becoming a common remedy for yellowish teeth. You use to have pearly white teeth, however, some factors such as taking beverages and foods that leave you with stains turned them yellowish and dull.

Establish a regular oral care regimen such as scrubbing your teeth with the inner sides of a banana peel and brushing them after. You can bring back the sparkling smile!

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