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Rosacea: What to Avoid in Order to be Flare-Up-Free

by Virginia on November 3, 2011, no comments

You have read about rosacea and learned that this is a lifetime skin disease. There is no cure to it.

However, you know that by avoiding factors that can trigger a flare-up, you can effectively spare your skin from the ugly red bumps.

What are these rosacea triggers?

  • Alcohol

alcoholYou love partying and you know that it won’t be complete without bottles of liquor. Do you know that alcohol can trigger a rosacea flare up?

This compound can dilate your blood vessels and aggravate rosacea. You don’t want to have acne-like lesions all over your face so avoid partying with alcohol.

There are better and healthier alternatives to a bottle of liquor.

  • Spicy Foods

You think you have the cravings for spicy foods like that of Mexicans. Spicy foods can trigger rosacea and can make you grow red bumps in no time.

Avoid foods heavily seasoned with spices. Stop sprinkling chili sauce on your slices of pizza!

  • Hot and Cold Drinks

Hot and cold temperatures can trigger rosacea flare up. You love drinking hot coffee as well as feasting on freshly prepared and steaming dishes.

However, you will not like the consequences of doing so. Skin care experts recommend that you avoid hot and cold drinks in order to minimize the growth of red bumps on your skin.

  • Exertion

You know the benefits of regular exercise. However, you notice that after a strenuous activity, your face reddens as if you are about to have a flare-up.

Heavy exertion is a known trigger to rosacea. So, exercise if you must but do not overdo it.

  • Hot Baths

Going to hot baths can be very relaxing. Managing stress by engaging on activities that allow you to relax can help you treat rosacea.

This is because stress is a known trigger to flare-ups.

However, saunas or hot baths are not good picks to de-stress. Hot temperature can cause your blood vessels to dilate and aggravate rosacea bumps.

Enjoy the comforts of your bed instead. Rest well and get enough of sleep.

  • Smoking

Smoking kills. It is dangerous to your health! These are just a few of the reminders that health authorities will tell you about smoking cigarettes.

Skin care experts will say that you need to quit smoking as to keep your skin healthy.

You have rosacea and puffing on those sticks will only worsen the growth of red bumps, inflammation, swelling and redness on your face.

  • Stress and Anxiety

Rosacea flare ups are linked with stress. The more you spread yourself too thin with all the responsibilities you need to fulfil, the more you get exhausted.

When you are having high levels of stress, you are more likely to develop rosacea bumps. Learn how to manage your time as well as avoid situations that make you face high levels of anxiety.

Rosacea has no cure yet is highly manageable. Know the triggers to flare ups and keep yourself healthy in order to prevent the nasty disease from worsening.

Be meticulous about the food that you eat as well as change your lifestyle in order to be flare-up-free!

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