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Must-Knows About Stretch Marks

by Virginia on December 12, 2012, no comments

stretch marksStretch marks come in different colors such as red, purple and pink. However, you don’t want these shades on your skin. The sad truth is anyone can have stretch marks.

Though it is commonly associated with pregnancy, these lines can appear when your skin undergoes rapid changes like weight loss or weight gain and puberty.

How the Lines Develop

Stretch marks are also referred to as “striae”. These ugly lines develop in your dermis or your skin’s middle layer. The main cause for this skin problem is unclear.

However, skin experts believe that the stripes are caused by hormonal changes. If you have family members who have this skin condition, you are more likely to develop stretch marks.

Do They Disappear?

When stretch marks appear earlier in life, you can hope that it will eventually disappear usually after puberty.

If you got your marks during adulthood, these lines aren’t going anywhere. These ugly lines do not cause any serious health problem and it is more of a beauty issue.

These lines can fade over time and some treatments are available to hasten the process. Also, you can do several measures on how you can avoid having them or prevent them from worsening.

The Factors

Stretch marks are often unattractive. They usually appear on body areas such as your thighs, hips, stomach, shoulders, upper arms and lower back.

These often appear due to body changes such as pregnancy and puberty. For example, during pubescent stage women like you may develop lines around your breasts due to the development of the mammary tissue.

The changes that both boys and girls experience during this stage can lead to having the ugly lines.

Also, if you are trying to lose weight, stretch marks may appear on your body especially when you try toning your skin. Are you a fitness buff?

Striae may appear on your back and shoulders due to rapid gain on muscle mass.

Other factors to stretch mark development are steroid use, adrenal gland problems, Cushing’s disease and genetic disorders.

Stretch Marks

From the name itself, you may conclude that stretch marks are due to the stretching of the skin. However, some dermatologic experts believe that it is caused by hormonal changes your body experiences.

This is the reason why, this skin condition is more common among women.


You may notice lines or marks that are purple, red or pinkish in color. They can eventually lighten and become grayish. Stretch mark is more of a cosmetic problem than a medical problem.

There are no accompanying serious symptoms with this skin problem. However, you may notice itchiness or burning sensation on the body areas affected with striae.

Use a moisturizer to hydrate your skin such as a lotion or an anti-stretch mark cream.

Stretch mark does not look attractive on your skin at all. You can look like a zebra with all the marks that are sometimes called “zebra stripes”.

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