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Let Stretch Mark Bother You No More

by Virginia on February 17, 2013, no comments

You need not stretch the budget for a stretched skin. Though there is no commercial product that can totally eliminate the marks, it is worthwhile to try remedies that are found inside your home.

The solution to your skin problem may be hiding inside your kitchen.

Commercial products using vitamin E are being marketed as effected stretch marks remedies. However, no scientific proofs can vouch for their effectiveness.

This is according to a study done in Miami. If you want to try natural measures in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, you can use several home remedies that cost you nothing.

Some skin care experts say that gentle massage can eliminate the marks while some believe that using essential oils actually work. You can treat them easily during the early stages.

  • The Stretch Mark Butter

Use shea butter or cocoa butter on your skin. These natural substances can help you moisturize your skin and reduce the appearance of the stripes. Do it several times daily.

Some skin care specialists argue that stretch marks occur in the dermal layer of the skin and topical lotions and other remedies won’t work effectively compared to more aggressive measures such as laser treatment.

Shea and cocoa butter are worth the try though. Just make sure you are not allergic to the compounds found in these recipes.

  • Stretch Mark Creams and Lotions

Though natural remedies are said to be safer and effective, several products for striae treatment flock the market today. Lotions and creams enriched with ingredients such as vitamin C, retinoids and glycolic acid can work well on your skin.

Vitamin C can be found in fruits and veggies and is used topically to treat the said skin issue. You have heard about retinoids. They are vitamin A derivatives that work well on skin exfoliation.

Alpha hydroxyl acids like glycolic acid and lactic acid can also reduce the appearance of striae on your skin.

Though stretch marks are a beauty issue, there are discomforts that this skin problem is associated with.

  • Burning and Itchiness

Your skin may look like a stretched accordion when you have the “zebra stripes” (striae).

What is even worse is that you can experience a burning and itchy sensation on stretch mark-infested areas of your body such as your thighs, buttock, upper arms, belly and lower back.

They can also appear around your breasts especially when you are a woman who is lactating.

Find a moisturizer that can treat skin dryness. Hydrate your skin cells in order to prevent skin irritation which causes the itchy and burning feeling that come with striae.

Apply these moisturizers after taking a bath. Using gentle soap may also prevent skin dryness and using a lotion or cream after can help in rehydrating your skin.

  • Let Stretch Mark Bother You No More

There are several ways on how you can solve your problems with stretch marks. This skin condition may stop you from wearing bikinis and sexy dresses because they look unsightly.

However, you can bring back flawless skin by trying out natural remedies and creams that erase the ugly stripes.

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