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Let Stretch Mark Bother You No More

by Virginia on February 17, 2013, no comments

You need not stretch the budget for a stretched skin. Though there is no commercial product that can totally eliminate the marks, it is worthwhile to try remedies that are found inside your home.

The solution to your skin problem may be hiding inside your kitchen.

Commercial products using vitamin E are being marketed as effected stretch marks remedies. However, no scientific proofs can vouch for their effectiveness.

This is according to a study done in Miami. If you want to try natural measures in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, you can use several home remedies that cost you nothing.

Some skin care experts say that gentle massage can eliminate the marks while some believe that using essential oils actually work. You can treat them easily during the early stages.

  • The Stretch Mark Butter

Use shea butter or cocoa butter on your skin. These natural substances can help you moisturize your skin and reduce the appearance of the stripes. Do it several times daily.

Some skin care specialists argue that stretch marks occur in the dermal layer of the skin and topical lotions and other remedies won’t work effectively compared to more aggressive measures such as laser treatment.

Shea and cocoa butter are worth the try though. Just make sure you are not allergic to the compounds found in these recipes.

  • Stretch Mark Creams and Lotions

Though natural remedies are said to be safer and effective, several products for striae treatment flock the market today. Lotions and creams enriched with ingredients such as vitamin C, retinoids and glycolic acid can work well on your skin.

Vitamin C can be found in fruits and veggies and is used topically to treat the said skin issue. You have heard about retinoids. They are vitamin A derivatives that work well on skin exfoliation.

Alpha hydroxyl acids like glycolic acid and lactic acid can also reduce the appearance of striae on your skin.

Though stretch marks are a beauty issue, there are discomforts that this skin problem is associated with.

  • Burning and Itchiness

Your skin may look like a stretched accordion when you have the “zebra stripes” (striae).

What is even worse is that you can experience a burning and itchy sensation on stretch mark-infested areas of your body such as your thighs, buttock, upper arms, belly and lower back.

They can also appear around your breasts especially when you are a woman who is lactating.

Find a moisturizer that can treat skin dryness. Hydrate your skin cells in order to prevent skin irritation which causes the itchy and burning feeling that come with striae.

Apply these moisturizers after taking a bath. Using gentle soap may also prevent skin dryness and using a lotion or cream after can help in rehydrating your skin.

  • Let Stretch Mark Bother You No More

There are several ways on how you can solve your problems with stretch marks. This skin condition may stop you from wearing bikinis and sexy dresses because they look unsightly.

However, you can bring back flawless skin by trying out natural remedies and creams that erase the ugly stripes.

Teeth Whitening: Products You Can Use

by Virginia on February 7, 2013, no comments

You want to whiten your teeth because you think you stained them with coffee and soda you often drink. Teeth-whitening restores the natural color of your teeth.

Today, there are many systems of teeth whitening such as toothpastes, trays, strips, rinses and other whitening aids you can get from your dentist.

  • Whitening Toothpastes

Toothpastes remove stains on your teeth’s surface. They contain substances called “mild abrasives”. Whitening toothpastes may contain chemical agents or gentle polishing that enhance the stain removal property of the product.

These products don’t have bleaching substances. Non-prescription teeth whiteners may contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide that lightens your teeth color deeply.

Whitening toothpastes lighten your teeth color by a shade while light-activated whitening done in a dental clinic can whiten your pearly whites up to 3-8 shades lighter.

  • Gels and Whitening Strips

teeth whitening stripsGels are usually clear and are peroxide-based. Apply directly to your teeth’s surface using a brush. Read the label for instructions on frequency of use.

However, most whitening gels can be used up to twice daily. Results are appreciated after several days and the final results can be sustained up to 4 months.

Strips used for teeth whitening are thin and virtually invisible. Coated with peroxide whiteners, you can use it twice every day. Let it stay for thirty minutes and do this beauty ritual for two weeks.

You may be able to notice the change after several days and the final results often last up to 4 months.

  • Whitening Rinses

This is one of the newest products in teeth whitening. Just like a mouthwash, these products can freshen your breath and prevent plaque build-up as well as gum disease.

They also contain whitening ingredients like hydrogen peroxide. Significant change may be appreciated after 3 months. Swish in your mouth up to a minute prior tooth brushing.

You can do this twice a day. However, some dental experts believe that whitening rinses are not as effective as other products which let the whitening ingredients stay longer on the teeth.

  • Tray-Based Whiteners

A teeth whitening system that uses a tray that is mouth guard-like filled with a whitening solution is called tray-based whitener. It may also contain peroxide which effectively whitens your teeth aside from its antiseptic property.

You can wear the tray for several hours daily at night up to a month or longer. The frequency of use relies on the severity of the stain on your teeth. This product can be bought over-the-counter.

  • In-Office Whitening

This is one of the quickest remedies for teeth whitening. The whitening agent is applied to your teeth directly. The product works effectively when combined with a heating system such as laser or a special light.

Voila! You can whiten your teeth in just thirty to sixty minutes. However, several sessions may be necessary to see significant changes on your teeth.

There are several ways on how you can whiten your teeth. There are also natural remedies for stained teeth. Bring back your glowing smile by adding teeth whiteners on your beauty rituals.

Important Things You Must Know About Rosacea

by Virginia on January 28, 2013, no comments

Rosacea is a skin disease characterized by a reddening skin and appearance of acne-like bumps.  You may think that the redness will just make you look like you are having a natural blush.

However, rosacea often leaves you with swelling and nasty bumps that make you look like you are having terrible acne breakouts during your 30’s.

Rosacea can be treated with various drugs such as antibiotics (metronidazole, doxycycline, minocycline, tetracycline).

However, there are natural ways on how you can get rid of the redness and the cysts.

  • Healthy Diet

Eating healthy may spare your skin from rosacea bumps. Experts say that nutritional deficiencies can exacerbate or worsen rosacea.

Shun trans-fat-rich dishes, sugary foods and common allergens (peanuts, dairy, gluten, corn) from your diet list. They are known triggers to the said skin disease.

  • What to eat?

Load your system with foods that fight rosacea. Eat more whole grains, dark leafy veggies and almonds. The B-complexes in these foods act as anti-inflammatory chemicals that can treat rosacea.

grapesYour body needs bioflavonoids and other antioxidants found in prunes, grapes, pomegranates, blueberries, zucchini, blackberries, apples, beets, cherries, spinach, kale, onions and broccoli.

Bioflavonoids help strengthen blood vessels and prevent dilatation which causes rosacea.

Eat fish at least three times a week. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which is an antioxidant that is good for the heart and skin. Choose salmon, sardines and halibut.

They are rich sources of fish oil which has high levels of omega 3.

  • Hydration

Drink plenty of fluids. Your skin cells need water in order to get rid of toxins. According to studies, hydration can prevent rosacea flare ups.

So drink adequate amounts of water for a healthier and plumper skin. You can also use natural herbs that are topically applied to the skin such as aloe to rehydrate your cells.

However, you must make sure you are not allergic to the herbs and their extracts.

  • What to Drink

It is advised that you take at least eight to ten glasses of water a day. You can also add more fluids such as green teas and fruit juices to your daily intake.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants that serve as your skin protection from toxins and other rosacea triggers. Also, quench your thirst with low-calorie and low-sugar fruit juices that you can prepare at home.

Avoid hot and cold beverages. You can trigger rosacea by taking drinks that have extreme temperatures. Quit drinking liquors since alcohol can cause the dilatation of your blood vessels which can worsen the appearance or the nasty bumps.

  • See Your Skin Doctor

Seeing your dermatologist is an important thing you must not neglect. Rosacea is a lifetime disease characterized by flare-up episodes.

An assessment must be done in order to check for your skin’s condition as well as for complications like ocular rosacea. Discuss with your doctor about the diet regimen you need to adapt in order to prevent flare ups.

Raise questions about rosacea, its nature, manifestations, causes and treatment.

Good Personal Hygiene Eliminates Toenail Fungus Risks

by Virginia on January 18, 2013, no comments

Toenail fungus is one of the nastiest fungal infections you can get. It can make you lose your nails and suffer too much pain. You may be hiding your toes and wearing flip flops is a no-no for you.

How can you prevent the fungi that cause this dermatologic problem?

  • Hygiene

A good personal hygiene spares your body from many diseases. Skin care experts recommend that you include hygiene practices in order to prevent skin infections.

Treatments make take a long process so you still agree on the saying that goes, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

  • Clean Feet

Keep your feet clean. Wearing closed shoes may give you bigger chances of growing fungi on your toes. Make sure you always keep them dry.

In wearing your socks, make sure have removed moisture on your feet after a bath. Toenail fungus thrives in moist and dark places. This is why your feet are at a greater risk of growing a colony of the nasty microbes.

  • Clean Footwear

You are fond of reusing your socks. You think that they are not that much dirty so wearing them twice or thrice is okay. However, you are increasing your risk of growing toenail fungus.

Used socks are great medium for fungal growth. Your shoes may also start to grow microbes that can eat up your nails and cause them to fall off in the end.

  • Sharing

Sharing is loving! However, there are stuffs that are considered to be “personal”. You don’t share socks. However, there are some instances when it is hard to say “no.”

Borrowing shoes is fairly common. Know the risks you can get in lending and borrowing footwear that are fomites to the nasty toenail fungus.

Make it a point to clean your personal stuffs and avoid borrowing footwear since it may predispose you to acquire the toenail infection.

  • Getting a Pedicure

Exclusive... Naomi Watts Treats Samuel & Mom To PedicuresYou enjoy foot spas and getting your toenails pedicured. However, the paraphernalia used in some nail care spas may be infected by toe nail fungus.

Imagine how many customers had their toes cleaned with those pedicure instruments. Sterilizing paraphernalia such as nail clippers, pushers and nippers are very important.

You can get toenail fungus because of nail care rituals that have gone wrong.

  • Nail Polish

Using nail polish can make you get infected by fungi from somebody’s toes. This is why it is important to have your personal nail care stuffs.

A treatment for toenail fungus may come with a nail polish that has antifungal ingredients.

However, your skin care expert will tell you that using the “regular” nail polish you coat your nails with increases your risk of having toenail fungus.

Preventing the nasty infection in your toenails is basic. You just have to establish a good personal hygiene that can spare your toes from growing microbes.

There are many treatments for the said nasty disease. However, prevention through proper hygiene can help you spare yourself from toenail fungus that takes a longer time to heal.

How to Prevent Potential Hair Loss

by Virginia on January 8, 2013, no comments

There are certainly many people, both men and women, who are suffering from hair fall. This is a really huge problem, considering that most individuals are very much conscious about their appearance, and are most likely to feel rather embarrassed by such a condition.

Hair loss is quite common nowadays, and those suffering from such are always looking for different ways to deal with it. It can often be a result of aging, since there is usually a deficiency in the amount of nutrients that the scalp receives as a person gets older.

However, other reasons as to why this happens include stress, dietary habits, indulging in vices like alcohol & smoking, or even the use of styling products containing very harsh chemicals.

It is important for a person who is worried about the condition of their hair to find the right methods in preventing hair fall. When further damage is caused, the condition can get a lot worse to the point that one may end up being completely bald.

There are many sources of information that provide much enlightenment on the matter, including the ever-reliable World Wide Web.

However, one has to do a lot of research in order to determine just what it takes to prevent the loss of hair in the most effective manner possible.

  1. One of the most reliable ways to prevent the loss of hair on the head is to make use of shampoos or styling products which are suitable for the growth of hair. Not many people realize that their body chemistry may not all be that compatible with the products they use, and ignoring this point may lead to regretful consequences. Every person has a different hair type, and one should actually find out if the shampoo they’re using is meant for dry, oily, rough, long, short or weak hair.
  2. It is also important for the hair to receive the right amount of nutrients in order to remain strong and healthy. Therefore, one should actually ensure that they’re getting enough vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other essential nutrients. Not only can this be found in hair products but also in the foods that they eat. Veggies, fruits, lean meats, fibers as well as water can help in the growth of healthy hair. This can essentially guarantee that the scalp is getting proper blood circulation. There’s also the matter of performing regular exercises to improve one’s cardiovascular health for better blood flow all over the body, including the head.
  3. Massaging the scalpMassaging the scalp would also lead to much healthier and stronger hair. There are various oils which can promote the growth of hair on the scalp, such as almond, coconut or olive oil. Massages should take place anywhere between 15-20 minutes, after which the oils should be washed off with some shampoo that’s equally healthy and suitable for one’s hair type.

These are three important tips to abide by if a person wishes to ensure that they won’t suffer from hair loss of any degree anytime soon.

Must-Knows About Stretch Marks

by Virginia on December 12, 2012, no comments

stretch marksStretch marks come in different colors such as red, purple and pink. However, you don’t want these shades on your skin. The sad truth is anyone can have stretch marks.

Though it is commonly associated with pregnancy, these lines can appear when your skin undergoes rapid changes like weight loss or weight gain and puberty.

How the Lines Develop

Stretch marks are also referred to as “striae”. These ugly lines develop in your dermis or your skin’s middle layer. The main cause for this skin problem is unclear.

However, skin experts believe that the stripes are caused by hormonal changes. If you have family members who have this skin condition, you are more likely to develop stretch marks.

Do They Disappear?

When stretch marks appear earlier in life, you can hope that it will eventually disappear usually after puberty.

If you got your marks during adulthood, these lines aren’t going anywhere. These ugly lines do not cause any serious health problem and it is more of a beauty issue.

These lines can fade over time and some treatments are available to hasten the process. Also, you can do several measures on how you can avoid having them or prevent them from worsening.

The Factors

Stretch marks are often unattractive. They usually appear on body areas such as your thighs, hips, stomach, shoulders, upper arms and lower back.

These often appear due to body changes such as pregnancy and puberty. For example, during pubescent stage women like you may develop lines around your breasts due to the development of the mammary tissue.

The changes that both boys and girls experience during this stage can lead to having the ugly lines.

Also, if you are trying to lose weight, stretch marks may appear on your body especially when you try toning your skin. Are you a fitness buff?

Striae may appear on your back and shoulders due to rapid gain on muscle mass.

Other factors to stretch mark development are steroid use, adrenal gland problems, Cushing’s disease and genetic disorders.

Stretch Marks

From the name itself, you may conclude that stretch marks are due to the stretching of the skin. However, some dermatologic experts believe that it is caused by hormonal changes your body experiences.

This is the reason why, this skin condition is more common among women.


You may notice lines or marks that are purple, red or pinkish in color. They can eventually lighten and become grayish. Stretch mark is more of a cosmetic problem than a medical problem.

There are no accompanying serious symptoms with this skin problem. However, you may notice itchiness or burning sensation on the body areas affected with striae.

Use a moisturizer to hydrate your skin such as a lotion or an anti-stretch mark cream.

Stretch mark does not look attractive on your skin at all. You can look like a zebra with all the marks that are sometimes called “zebra stripes”.

Teeth Whitening: Bringing Back Your Pearly Whites with Banana Peel

by Virginia on March 18, 2012, no comments

You are having troubles with whitening your teeth. You are a heavy coffee drinker and smokes packs of cigarettes as well. You know that these can make your teeth look yellowish and unsightly.

You can’t avoid drinking coffee because you believe that they can help you stay awake during long hours of work. You won’t give up on smoking because you want to have cancer!

  • Banana

This fruit is considered to be a wonder in teeth whitening. You love eating banana and aside from loads of vitamins and minerals you can get from it, you can also have a natural remedy for yellowish and stained teeth.

  • How to Use Banana for Teeth Whitening

White teeth give you a glowing and vibrant smile. Your dentist may recommend the use of banana as a natural teeth whitener.

Aside from brushing your teeth after meals, you will appreciate how banana peel can remove the stains on your teeth left by coffee drinking as well as smoking. How do you do this?

  • Banana Peel

banana peelBanana is rich in vitamin C as well as fiber. What you do not know is that it can also whiten your teeth. Use the peel of a ripe banana and scrub its inner portion over your teeth for at least two minutes.

Bananas are rich in the mineral potassium. You know that it is good for the heart. Aside from this health benefit, potassium is a mineral that your teeth need to keep them white.

It also contains manganese and magnesium that are natural teeth whiteners.

  • Banana vs. Commercial Teeth Whiteners

Teeth bleaching agents come in different preparations such as solutions, pastes and gels. However, you can naturally whiten your teeth by using the peel of the banana you have just eaten.

Teeth whiteners may hurt your pocket while using natural remedies for teeth whitening will cost you nothing.

Some whiteners may contain acids. They can effectively whiten your teeth but these compounds may also cause you them to weaken and become brittle.

This explains why using natural remedies such as banana, orange peels, lemon juice and strawberries are way better than using commercially prepared ones.

Foods that Stain Your Teeth

Banana can effectively whiten your teeth. However, if you keep on taking liquids that can stain them you won’t get whiter teeth no matter what whitener or bleach you use.

Avoid drinking colored beverages such as sodas, teas and coffee. They leave your teeth with the yellow stain. Also, avoid eating foods that are dark-colored and quit smoking.

Smoking leaves your teeth with tartar that form plaques. Brush after drinking the said beverages and eating foods that stain your pearly whites.

Using banana peel is becoming a common remedy for yellowish teeth. You use to have pearly white teeth, however, some factors such as taking beverages and foods that leave you with stains turned them yellowish and dull.

Establish a regular oral care regimen such as scrubbing your teeth with the inner sides of a banana peel and brushing them after. You can bring back the sparkling smile!

Rosacea: What to Avoid in Order to be Flare-Up-Free

by Virginia on November 3, 2011, no comments

You have read about rosacea and learned that this is a lifetime skin disease. There is no cure to it.

However, you know that by avoiding factors that can trigger a flare-up, you can effectively spare your skin from the ugly red bumps.

What are these rosacea triggers?

  • Alcohol

alcoholYou love partying and you know that it won’t be complete without bottles of liquor. Do you know that alcohol can trigger a rosacea flare up?

This compound can dilate your blood vessels and aggravate rosacea. You don’t want to have acne-like lesions all over your face so avoid partying with alcohol.

There are better and healthier alternatives to a bottle of liquor.

  • Spicy Foods

You think you have the cravings for spicy foods like that of Mexicans. Spicy foods can trigger rosacea and can make you grow red bumps in no time.

Avoid foods heavily seasoned with spices. Stop sprinkling chili sauce on your slices of pizza!

  • Hot and Cold Drinks

Hot and cold temperatures can trigger rosacea flare up. You love drinking hot coffee as well as feasting on freshly prepared and steaming dishes.

However, you will not like the consequences of doing so. Skin care experts recommend that you avoid hot and cold drinks in order to minimize the growth of red bumps on your skin.

  • Exertion

You know the benefits of regular exercise. However, you notice that after a strenuous activity, your face reddens as if you are about to have a flare-up.

Heavy exertion is a known trigger to rosacea. So, exercise if you must but do not overdo it.

  • Hot Baths

Going to hot baths can be very relaxing. Managing stress by engaging on activities that allow you to relax can help you treat rosacea.

This is because stress is a known trigger to flare-ups.

However, saunas or hot baths are not good picks to de-stress. Hot temperature can cause your blood vessels to dilate and aggravate rosacea bumps.

Enjoy the comforts of your bed instead. Rest well and get enough of sleep.

  • Smoking

Smoking kills. It is dangerous to your health! These are just a few of the reminders that health authorities will tell you about smoking cigarettes.

Skin care experts will say that you need to quit smoking as to keep your skin healthy.

You have rosacea and puffing on those sticks will only worsen the growth of red bumps, inflammation, swelling and redness on your face.

  • Stress and Anxiety

Rosacea flare ups are linked with stress. The more you spread yourself too thin with all the responsibilities you need to fulfil, the more you get exhausted.

When you are having high levels of stress, you are more likely to develop rosacea bumps. Learn how to manage your time as well as avoid situations that make you face high levels of anxiety.

Rosacea has no cure yet is highly manageable. Know the triggers to flare ups and keep yourself healthy in order to prevent the nasty disease from worsening.

Be meticulous about the food that you eat as well as change your lifestyle in order to be flare-up-free!

Tips to Kill Toenail Fungus

by Virginia on September 11, 2011, no comments

Toenail fungus is an infection caused by several factors. The microorganism that causes this disease is the same causative agent to athlete’s foot.

The fungi eat the keratin found in your nails which eventually crumble, break and fall off.

Here are preventive measures in sparing your beautiful toenails from the nasty infection:

  • Cut Your Nails

Keeping your nails short will help you prevent toenail fungus. You must always keep them clean and dry. Clipping your nails crosswise and filing thickened areas can help you ensure fungi-free nails.

Make sure you have thoroughly cleaned your feet during a bath including those areas between your toes.

  • Socks

What are the appropriate socks to wear? Synthetic socks that make your feet kept dry better than wool or cotton socks do can help you prevent toenail fungus.

You can also remove your footwear occasionally in order to air dry your feet. There are shoes that have holes or openings that allow your feed to have good ventilation.

Do you have problems with sweaty feet? Why not bring with you extra socks especially when you have longer hours of rigorous activities such as training for a ball game.

  • Antifungals

anti fungal spray and powderUse a foot spray or an antifungal powder that can kill the nasty fungi on your feet. Sprinkle or spray on your feet as well as on the insides of the footwear you are using.

A nail polish that contains antifungal ingredients can also be used in order to keep your nails protected from the infection.

  • Trimming and Picking

Do not pick and trim the skin surrounding your nails. You are introducing more fungi and microbes to your nails by doing so. A nail or skin injury can predispose you to acquiring the toenail fungus.

Instead, enjoy foot soak with an antiseptic solution or preparation for the foot. This can soften your nails and skin allowing cell debris to be easily scrubbed off with a brush.

  • Avoid Going Barefoot on Wet Public Places

You love swimming in public pools and taking a shower in a public bath after. You have to make sure you do not go barefoot in those areas since it can leave you with a toenail infection.

Wear your slippers inside the bath and make sure you have cleaned your feet after a swim.

  • Artificial Nails and Polish

You love colors on your nails. You find them attractive. However, using nail polish as well as artificial nails can increase your risk of getting toenail fungus.

Also, choose your nail care therapist well. The instruments used for nail care such as nippers, nail clippers and pushers are good media for fungal growth. Who knows the person ahead of you who just had a pedicure is infected with toenail fungus.

There are many things you can do in order to prevent toenail fungus. Having a good personal hygiene and a meticulous foot care ritual can eliminate the growth of fungi on your feet.

Remember, toenail fungus is highly transmissible. Neglecting the care that your feet need may leave you with a nasty nail disease. http://toenailfungustruth.com/

Major Causes Of Hair Loss

by Virginia on April 13, 2011, no comments

Hair loss is a big problem for many people. It does not just affect one group of people. It can happen to old people, young people, men as well as women.

Hair loss is also a symptom of many serious medical conditions. This is why it is very important that people should treat all kinds of hair loss as a serious matter.

Here are some of the major causes of hair loss that everybody should know about.

  • Stress

Living in a stressful situation can really ruin a person’s hairline. This is because mental stress and emotional stress can manifest in the body.

In fact, there are men who work in very stressful jobs who end up having a hairline that recedes significantly. People cannot deny the fact that too much stress can definitely ruin the body and the hairline is one of the first things that do get affected.

  • Strong hair products

Anti-Dandruff ShampooIf a person has dandruff, he needs to use special shampoos in order to eliminate the dandruff. Unfortunately, dandruff shampoo can be very strong.

The same chemicals that can eliminate the dandruff can also be the same chemicals that facilitate hair loss. Because of this too much usage of strong hair products can definitely result to falling hair.

This is the main reason why the use of dandruff shampoo is only used on a minimal basis. This way, it will not be able to contribute to hair loss.

  • Genetics

If a person is genetically predisposed to lose hair, then he will definitely experience significant hair loss. If a person’s father has a receding hairline, then it can be expected that he will also have a receding hairline when he comes of age.

The big problem with genetic causes for hair loss is the fact that nobody can do anything to avoid it. Because of this, the only thing that they can do is to prepare themselves to manage the effects.

  • Sickness

If a person has cancer, then he needs to be subjected to radiation therapy as well as chemotherapy in order to deal with the cancer cells.

Unfortunately, this results to the side effects of hair loss. In fact, a person can lose all of his hair in just a few weeks of cancer therapy. This is why people should prepare themselves for this result in order to avoid getting shocked.

  • Chemical imbalance

Sometimes an imbalance in a person’s biochemistry is already more than enough to make them lose hair. There are many reasons why a chemical imbalance happens.

When it does, a person can lose a lot of hair in just a few days. Correcting the chemical imbalance is sometimes more than enough to prevent the further effects of hair loss.

For those who are very conscious about preventing hair loss, one of the best things that they can do is to talk to a dermatologist. These people are the best ones to get help from.

This is because they know everything that one can do in order to take care of one’s hair and avoid having to deal with hair loss.